The Cross-Jesus in China

 The Cross - Jesus in China

 Episode 1 - Seeds of Blood
 Episode 2 - Bitter Cup
 Episode 3 - The Spring of Life
 Episode 4 - The Canaan Hymns

Seeds of Blood - Episode 1 of "The Cross - Jesus in China"
"The Cross - Jesus in China". The film answers the question raised by many people outside China: how did the number of Chinese Christians increase from 700,000 in 1949 to approximate 70 million today despite communist control? Using live footage and interviews, the film captures the true stories of many people and seeks to answer the most common questions: how does the Chinese government deal with Chinese Christians and vice-versa? How did Chinese Christians develop, survive and grow? What kind of people are they and what influence have they had and will have on Chinese society? The first episode "Seeds of Blood" follows the bloody footprints of the Chinese missionaries of the older generation after the Boxer Rebellion, particularly in the past fifty years. The stories of famous ministers such as Mingdao Wang, John Sung, Watchman Nee, Allen Yuan, Samuel Lamb, Moses Xie, Yang Xinfei, and Epaphras are covered.

Bitter Cup - Episode 2 of "The Cross - Jesus in China"
The Bitter Cup - abounds with compelling testimonies by missionaries of the younger generation. Their dedication, suffering, faithfulness, and thanksgiving have led to an unprecedented revival of the Chinese Christian church.

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The Spring of Life - Episode 3 of "The Cross - Jesus in China"
This 3rd episode "The Spring of Life" recounts the real life and the inner world of the Christians from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in modern China. Included are testimonies from farmers, students, officials, criminals, orphans, actors, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

The Canaan Hymns - Episode 4 of "The Cross - Jesus in China"
"The Canaan Hymns" tells the amazing story of a farm girl Xiao Min. She is a high school dropout with no musical training who, nevertheless, created nearly a thousand wonderful hymns by the power of the Holy Spirit. These hymns are widely sung among Chinese churches around the world. Last Episode.