Statements upon biblical basis in a chaotic time

The world with his culture and human opinions changes every day and biblical moral values shall be destroyed. But the word of God in His truth give us the real foundtion. Let uns fight in peace with words.

I am agree to this testimony. But I distance myself to determine the time of the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture.

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95 Theses on the Situation of the Church and Society in the Year of Luther 1996
The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy 158 KB
Today the word of God will be reduction more and more (see also Bible-Quiz Questions and Answers 3&4). The english text starts from page 11!
95 Theses against evolution 680 KB
A scientific critique of the naturalist philosophy
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An official announcement of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from the 08th June 2007 and later from the 04th Octobre 2007 described The dangers of
creationism in education
. It is a one step nearer to destroy the faith into a Creator God.
The problem is: If the evolution is real, then is there no Creator God "who shall render account to him who is ready to judge [the] living and [the] dead."(1Peter 4:5) No God, no law and no sin.
The result is: We mortals think that we can do what we want.

You can read this official announcement here in original in english.
Letter to the Youth 123 KB