1th Introduction

This work results from several independent and unplanned circumstances and occurrences.

I have always been interested in China and the Christians there. I have read a lot about them and have also seen some films. One time I found out that wise Christians there, saw the approaching developments. And years before the approaching reign of communism, they began to assemblies in private homes, called “house churches”. As a result I began to ask myself, whether we Christians here in Europe and America would not also be forced to do the same thing. Thus the first section came into being.

The second section is taken from a manuscript that I used in a sermon I held at the Guesthouse Hohegrete , here in Germany, last spring. This was published in the magazine “The Narrow Path” from CGD (meaning) in a revised and shortened version. I revised this printed version here.

In the third section I will illiterate the structure and set up of the Underground Church: What it is, and what it is not, as well as the lifestyle and the heart attitudes of believers concerning the subject of persecution.

The fourth section is the result of readers’ questions and answers.

In order to logically complete the subject of the House Church, the fifth section addresses the question; how do we build a house church that could become an underground church?

Section six was added as an encouragement from Mr. Werner Fuerstberger/Austria, the author of the magazine, “Come!”
He wrote me that, “The most important element in all of this regarding the time before the underground church as well as during that time period, is unceasing prayer without which all planning and doing is in vain."

All notes are in this Free-PDF-Dokument (434 KB)