5th Convert Bethren

Part 4: Winning other Christians to the concept of House Churches

We will use the term “house church” as we continue. Although the possibility is very great that these churches will indeed become underground churches, we will use this term for our purposes here.
We want to establish house churches that will become underground churches as the need arises. So, in the event that no persecution arises, we at least have spiritually healthy churches. Then should persecution arise here in Europe, believers will be prepared for it.

I. First the Basics

Recently I read a work that teaches of the Lord establishing a large army consisting of Christians out of the various denominations. This “army” would bring a great harvest of souls into the kingdom of God. They would influence a great revival in the church as a whole, thus paving the way for the rapture.

Regardless of the fact that I find this to be a false teaching, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I have become familiar with in other groups and individual Christians. It transmits the sense of, “we are the elite. We are special. We are fully informed about what is happening and the rest of you are just stupid and dumb.”

We and numerous other brethren are observing the signs of the times.
We want to walk the narrow path. We have had a glimpse of what is happening behind the stage of world events.
We have ample teaching materials and we are blessed.

But it this enough to glory in? Most certainly not!

Obtaining a level of spiritual maturity is an absolute work of God’s grace in our life and not the result of any works of our own. This knowledge in itself, along with the great responsibility it brings with it, should be enough to deeply humble us. In our Christian groups and gatherings one finds all sorts of jealousy, envy, evil wishing, quarrelling, lovelessness, irreconcilability along with greed for money and power.

Not to mention that these things keep us from being “light and salt” they also entrap us.

There is often such a lack of personal brokenness. The cry for the Lord to search the hearts is often a shallow prayer. Would we really get a glance into the condition of our hearts, we would be utterly terrified.

Before Peter writes about the false teachers in the last days and the coming judgement in his second letter, he writes in chapter one, verse 7, about “philadelphia”; the brotherly love toward brother and sister in Christ. In first Peter 3:8 we read about ‘“phil-adelphos”. This is one who loves their brother and sister in Christ. In some bible translations this section has been titled, “The spiritual attitude amidst sufferings and persecutions”.

II. Three Steps

Brethren, being spiritually mature, realise the signs of the times and are prepared for it.
With the help of written materials, believers are becoming aware of the need for house churches.
Christians either assist in building house groups or at least they join one themselves.

1. Carefully educating others with the help of information concerning current

Not all Christians are willing to accept facts about the signs of the times. There can
be different reasons for this. Either they:
• are too young in the faith, or spiritually immature
• do not want to accept it as truth yet,
• have not been properly instructed in the faith.

There are those who consciously resist warnings and oppose brethren who warn others like the prophets did in ancient Israel. These simply do not want to accept important and fundamental truths. These include false prophets, shepherds and teachers who’s primary interest is themselves. Numerous Christians fill themselves with teachings that “tickle the ear”, or they follow false shepherds and prophets.

Additionally there are the “wellness” Christians. By this we mean those Christians who pursue the experiences of spectacular miracles, healings and exorcisms. “Feeling good” is the primary goal. There are also those who see the faith and church going as a means to having fun and enjoying themselves, regardless of the existence of any lasting spiritual depth.

Those who speak of sin, persecution, repentance, chastity and other biblical truths will quickly find themselves outsiders; categorized as dangerous fundamentalists.

2. Continuously emphasize the importance of house churches

I have won many to this concept by much wisdom void of any haste.

The basics:
Here we can apply the principle of the frog. Those around us will be educated to the facts without any manipulation on our part, by presenting only as much information as the other is able or willing to digest.

Believers that are to be led to fundamental truths need to be treated with much patience, love and prayer.

Sometimes it may be necessary to simplify things. That which may be “milk” for me may be strong meat for someone else. One must thoughtfully consider which thoughts are best intended for each individual. Otherwise there is the danger of being slandered as a crazy, fanatic suffering under paranoia.

Whether during personal conversations or in bible studies, it is important to carefully to approach the subject with just a few comments. It is necessary to discern the degree of readiness.

The presentation and distribution of literature in churches and fellowships should be done thoughtfully. There are informative publications from works like Open Doors for example that are both appealing as well as informative. One can invite experts in the various fields to speak. Starts easily and then gradually increase the level.

Much patience and endurance is required. Results may not be seen right away. It may take time for fruit to show.

There are many starving brethren in many evangelical circles who yearn for true spiritual fellowship. One should especially try to find these brethren.

This need for patience and endurance also applies to contacts per Email or over websites on the internet. But here one must be extremely careful to avoid the usage of certain keywords referring to house churches, underground churches etc. Keywords in combination with “preparation, Churches, China, Revelations, politics, the media etc also need to be avoided along with any concrete names and individuals.

At this opportunity is a story from China fitting:
A Korean missionary was working in the underground church in China. (The Christians have a secret manner of speaking when using the telephone.) This missionary was called by someone from her church in Korea that was sponsoring her. The conversation proceeded positively without any incidents until it came to the parting goodbyes. Then believer at the other end simply added, “we are praying for you”. This sentence was enough. Within an hour the authorities came to her. She tried to hide and flee, but was eventually caught and then deported.

3. Adding brethren to the house church

I want to draw attention to the fact that we are still in the phase where the house church has NOT yet become the underground church.

At this point we are interested in bringing believers to the house groups, whatever size they may be. Up to a certain point in time it is even possible that they continue going to their own churches and working there.

Presently, “fundamental Christians” are not yet deliberately sought after. Nor is there any intense monitoring of non-public individuals. Yet, it is still important to be careful with the use of the keywords mentioned above.

I personally know someone who was already working on “Brainware” fifteen years ago. From words like “wings” + “wheels” the word “airplane” was recognized. And from the words “wings” and “feet” one knew it meant “birds”.

As mentioned earlier, those individuals who are already publicly known may not yet join the house churches. These people should also not gather people to house assemblies. This job needs to be left to brethren who are for the most part anonymous. Anonymous here meaning unregistered; not yet know to the public as having been classified as fundamentalists. This is often difficult to discern. Anonymous in no way means withdrawing oneself and ceasing to evangelize.

The goal is to establish anonymous house churches with brethren that are classified as anonymous in regards to electronical surveillance .

An example:
Due to the fact that I receive newsletters per email from Christians who are serving as watchmen, I may no longer belong to the category of being 100% anonymous. Yet I also receive normal mail through the post office.

This applies up until Phase C.

Of course we can not refuse brethren who have made themselves publicly known by open declarations, if they want to join a house church that has become an underground one. But they will no longer be able to move about freely in the open as before. The danger of being discovered by way of surveillance cameras using face-recognition software is too great.

For this reason there will be two types of house churches built.

One will have Christians who are probably no longer “digitally/electronically” anonymous as a result of being on Email distribution lists.

The second one consists of those who are highly likely not electronically registered.

Though this in our present day seems nearly impossible as in the industrial nations everyone is electronically documented somehow. The fact that we are christians as well.

The later group receives all relevant information and teaching materials either in the printed form or by means of portable data storage (CD, DVD, USB-sticks etc). This being done very carefully when Phase C sets in. (We will look at this more in a later publication.) Data may no longer be transferred over open channels (Internet etc). “Anonymous” Christians continue building the house churches locally.

All notes are in this Free-PDF-Dokument (434 KB)