3rd Build up

Part 2: The build up of House Churches

I. Decisive difference
1. The experiment with the Frog

If we would throw a frog into hot
…. It would immediately jump out of
the water

How can we keep the frog from jumping out of the basin of water?

First we place the frog in temperate water that he enjoys. Then we slowly and gradually begin to heat the water, so slowly that the frog does not notice the rise in temperature.
The water is gradually heated, over hours of time.
As the temperature rises to 20° C, the frog still feels comfortable in the water. After another 14 hours or so, as the temperature rises well over 40°C, the frog still notices no change.
So the frog will remain in this water until he is dead, as he no longer notices the deadly rise in the temperature of the water he is in. And so we have a dead frog that did not even defend himself.
2. The lesson learned

In a similar manner Christianity is undergoing a process in which two mainstreams are becoming more and more evident:
• The true body of Christ
• Jesus is everything
• Conversion by repentance
   unto eternal salvation
• The bible as the Word of God
o Unbiblical Ecumenism
o Jesus as an addition
o Living for God and His Kingdom here and now
o The bible is a historical work


A quote from General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army:
“The greatest dangers in the twentieth century (and the twenty first-a note from the author)will be: Faith without the Holy Spirit, Christianity without Christ, Forgiveness without genuine repentance, politics without God and Heaven without hell.”

It is notable that on the internet, in this quote it seems that the word faith has been replaced by the word “religion”.

In his article (taken from his book “The Attack on Evangelism”) Pastor Wilhelm Busch already asks himself in the year 1958, “Is the narrow path being widened?”
The apostle Paul painstakingly writes about a former co-worker, “Demas has forsaken me and loves this world. “
If Demas would be alive today he would not even need to depart from the Christian Church. He could remain there where he is, finding lots of rewarding work to do amongst the youth. Yes, he would even quickly find a place of honor for his efforts.

The following scripture passages put the modern trend of things in a clear light:
Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.
Mat 13:24-26

Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
Mat 13:30

3. The Body of Christ versus Ecumenism

Nowhere in the bible does it support denominations, and do be sure it does not sanction ecumenism.
As a result there are true Christians, belonging to the body of Christ found in all assemblies, churches and other Christian organizations.

As time goes on and the process of mainstream Christianity moves further and further away from the Word of God, true Christians are coming more and more under pressure as their conscience no longer able permits them to participate.
Step by step a separation takes place.

If it had been possible,
could the frog have noticed the fatal change in his environment? And if, how?

By using a thermometer!
Though a frog cannot read, we can.
Our “thermometer “ is the bible, the Holy Scriptures.

But many Christian brethren are like many frogs sitting in a tub of water that is slowly being heated. The few that study and read the thermometer call out: ”Hey you guys, the water is getting hotter. It is time to get out!” And unfortunately most often the answer is heard. “Man, you are crazy! We feel great in here. You are just a fantasizing fanatical.”

II. The fundamentals of this subject matter
Christians of all times have had to be creative when persecution arose as a result of their faithful commitment to Jesus Christ and the infallible of Word of God. One can learn by their example. Years before the Revolution in China wise Christians saw what was coming and began to form home churches and assemblies. Unfortunately there is no way to connect with these founders. But surely if we ask the Lord for wisdom, he will give it to us.

The following outline is intended to give a rough idea. The plan is more elaborately laid out in part two.

The Basic Idea

It is no use to try and hide something that the enemy already knows about or reckons with. In a chess match every player knows that his opponent strategically positions his pieces. Boxers know of the use of certain techniques. Yet, we should not make it too easy for our “adversary”. We must be aware that mighty powers of darkness are pulling the strings on back stage.

The Lord Jesus said in Mat. 10:16:
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

The timeframe when the persecution has started (like in China now).

The transition period as persecution slowly begins. This can be a slow and sudden process.

The time of preparation

It is possible for the various phases to blend into one another in such a way that a time-based delimitation is not possible.

III. Phase A: The preparation
1. The Goals

The following goals should be pursued for this phase:
Distribute written information to explain the necessity of forming home churches (which will become underground assemblies in the future). Some of these materials are already available and have been mentioned at the beginning of this work.
Based upon this information a decision has to be made whether or not one is willing to establish such churches.
These so called “cells” will be formed by Christians, who will find themselves, working together. These Christians will be kept informed and schooled with appropriate materials.

2. An example of a self-governing network

There is an example used by other recognized organizations or groups that have transformed from an organization that is centrally guided and controlled to a self-governing network, which has purposely abandoned having a headquarters or centralized leadership.




3. What this means for us Christians

For Christians this means that they do not have Pastors, leaders or superintendents that are in charge over several “cells”. There are also no headquarters, alliances or other centralized organizations.
Just as in the first churches, the individual believers added to the church as the Holy Spirit guided them. Of course there needs to be elders according to the New Testament.

There is no hierarchy. The home churches autonomously fulfill their duties to evangelize and serve the lost as the Bible, the word of God teaches. That means they have no laid out list of instructions for their duties.

Jesus command to make disciples remains. The gospel is proclaimed to include repentance and turning away from that which does not please God and faith in the sacrificial redemption of Jesus Christ on our behalf; a salvation by grace without works. The main emphasis must be that people are saved by faith entering in by the narrow gate and abiding upon the narrow path. This is of utmost importance when Phase C has begun.
Furthermore there are secondary goals for believers but we will touch upon this later.

Schooling materials and Information about current events

No Christian can fully prepare oneself for persecution. But many Christians have written many helpful books giving good tips to apply in the preparation process. In the Phase we are in (and possibly in Phase B) one can find all kinds of Information online to download.

IV. Phase B: Transitional phase in which persecution increases here in Europe.
In this phase we will experience increased slanders against the pure Word of God and believing Christians who are considered dangerous fanatics and fundamentalists. Certain churches, assemblies and individual Christians that lean toward the ecumenical movement and the “new Christianity” will do anything possible in order not get brand marked in this way.

Already in Phase A, some Christians will lose their jobs or will have to pay fines for a upholding a biblical standpoint that others do not like. This danger will increase in Phase B.

There should be as many active cells as possible. Even if the dangers of Phase C are not yet present it is wise to go about matters as if one were already in that phase.

This has the following advantages:
As soon as Phase C breaks out it is no longer necessary to change course.
One can learn from mistakes made when it is not so dangerous.
The longer the “cell” exists the better individuals can get to can know one another and be rehearse dealing with problems and situations.
There are several suggestions and reports found in schooling materials by Christians (Richard Wurmbrand for example). These can be studied and practiced together (for example the hanging of clothes on a line in a manner that transmits secret messages.)

V. Phase C: Persecution takes root
In this phase the use of electronic communications is increasingly more dangerous than in Phase B. One should no longer even use code words that have been agreed upon. Highly intelligent computer programs can easily identify words as ‘code words´ when they are used repeatedly within given sentences or messages by several people within a region. In this manner a persecutor could quickly track down a cell and its members. For this reason it is important to already be active in Phase B. In Phase C it will no longer be possible to obtain good informative material which has already been classified as “dangerous”.

All of these situations can naturally take place in Phases A and B. But additionally there will be:
Bans restricting the gathering of non-registered, illegal church groups
Bans on Christians who do not belong to recognized “permitted” Churches on teaching, preaching and evangelizing.

All notes are in this Free-PDF-Dokument (434 KB)